Iggy Miller Murawski
Baseball, Basketball
Inducted in 2008
Iggy Miller Murawski graduated from Suffield Academy in 1936. Iggy was a standout in both basketball and baseball at the Academy. He captained the baseball team in 1935 and 1936 and the basketball team in 1936. Iggy received a scholar-athlete award for his outstanding success as an athlete and a student.

Iggy’s athletic accomplishments began, however, before high school and continued long after he graduated. In grammar school he won three baseball championships and one basketball title by 1932.

After high school, Iggy established himself as one of the premier semi-pro baseball players. He played in the Springfield Tri-County League, for the Savitt Gems and the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft team. A shortstop until 1941, when Iggy switched to become a pitcher. Playing for the Hartford Royal Typewriter team, he was 8-5 and selected to the League All Star Team.

The Savitt Gems signed Iggy to a pitching contract in 1941. In the next four years Iggy participated against an array of professional talent from the Negro League, the New York Yankees, the National League All-Stars, and service teams who barnstormed the area. Among the many major leaguers he played against were Ted Williams, Satchel Paige, and Babe Ruth, and he played with the Babe in an All-Star game at Bulkeley Stadium. Iggy’s prowess as a pitcher led him to victories over some of the best baseball teams from Brooklyn to Boston, and he was also an excellent hitter, as his .353 batting average in 1946 will attest. He led his teams to several Twilight League championships, the last in 1953, before he moved on to become a Little League coach and administrator.

His Suffield induction is his third Hall of Fame, having been previously inducted into the Hartford Twighlight League and the Enfield Halls of Fame.